Bird and Possum Proofing Roofs

Birds and possums can be real nuisances and can do much damage to your home, roof, gutters and solar systems.

It order to protect your property from these animals, you’ll need effective possum and bird proofing.  With a wide range of potential problems, it’s best to act quickly when you notice the signs of birds and possums in or around your home.

We have the experience needed to provide protection from future inhabitants.  Common solutions include fixing possum and bird entry and launch points / broken tiles for possum and installing leaf guards for bird nesting. At Quick Roof Service, we can assist with:

  • removing entry and launch points
  • possum proofing roof cavities
  • possum proofing under floor crawl space
  • possum proofing in roofs
  • possum proofing in garages
  • bird proofing around roofs
  • installation of bird spikes
  • installation of gutter guards