Fascia / eaves / batten / rafter replacements

Your home’s guttering, fascia boards, eaves, battens and rafters provide an important barrier to the elements, wildlife (possums, birds) and protect your home from water and wind.

If your fascia boards, battens, rafters, eaves are not in excellent condition, then you are risking more extensive damage to the structure of your home and we recommend that you consider fascia replacement, eaves repairs, batten replacement and rafter replacements. These repairs and replacements can help to keep away unwanted wildlife and avoid further damages.

Common problems with fascias, eaves, battens and rafters are wet rot of material by rain fall, which may spread to other parts of the roof or detachment of materials by aging, which can cause the material to separate from other roof components. In both cases, we provide repairs or replacement in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your individual needs and property.