Installing Leaf Screens / Gutter Guards

Installation of leaf screens /gutter guards is well-known service for gutters that get blocked by stray leaves, twigs, flower buds or debris.

Once gutters get clogged they fail to drain the water properly as water starts overflowing from sides. Often causes dampness and leakage inside your home which not only cause great inconvenience but can also lead to serious damages to the building.

Keeping your gutters, valleys and downpipes free of leaves and other vegetation is essential so rainwater is properly diverted from the roof and not onto the home’s eaves, where rotting can take place. Installation of leaf guards or gutter guards can reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning required but we recommend to have regular gutter cleaning to avoid any blockage problems later on. Some advantages of using leaf screens / gutter guards:

  • stops leaf entries
  • helps reducing gutter / roof maintenance costs
  • helps prevent water damage inside your home
  • prolongs life of gutters and downpipes
  • prevents vermin from entry through roof cavities
  • reduces bushfire and fire hazards
  • greatly improves quality & quantity of catchment for your water tanks
  • ideal bird and vermin proofing