Roof Ventilation

The air in your attic becomes superheated during the summer season and without the right roof ventilation, this extra heat will end up staying in your home.

The result of not using one of the roof venting systems is that your air conditioning system will have to work much harder to keep your home comfortable.

During winter months, moisture in your house, either in the attic, or under the floors can be a destructive force, causing wood rot, mould and mildew, and so contributing to household allergies. Roof ventilation system to create maximum airflow in your attic.

Problems associated with heat and moisture in the attic can be avoided by the installation of adequate ventilation systems. We provide wind powered, electric powered and solar panel powered ventilation solutions. These roof ventilation solutions:

  • extract hot air from your roof space in summer
  • expel damp air in winter which can cause condensation and mould on ceilings
  • help your insulation work more effectively
  • reduce air conditioning load and save on household energy use
  • brings natural ventilation to your home
  • energy savings on your air condition / electricity bills