Storm damaged roof repairs

Severe weather systems cause damage requiring roof repairs for Sydney homeowners every year.

High winds, storms, rain, and other weather conditions can leave you with a stormed damaged roof. The damage can be as small as a few broken tiles or shingles, or as large as broken structural supports that jeopardize the safety of your property. Many types of damage allow the elements into your home and create unsafe or uncomfortable conditions. Roof repairs can become even more costly over time.

In case of storm damaged roofs of private, commercial or industrial properties, we can offer you roof repair services such as:

  • provide quotes for roof repairs on storm damaged roofs in Sydney
  • provide quotes for re-roofing if the roof is severe damage
  • replace broken roof tiles
  • re-point and carry out general maintenance
  • replace gutters, downpipes, valleys and flashings
  • provide roof plumbing